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Walk into Edmond Gymnastics Academy, and right away, you’ll feel the energy in the air. 


The kids don’t walk. They bounce, run, swing, roll or hop. And so do the instructors! Everybody just waits to spring into action, pushing to the limits of what they can do. They try, and try again, and then — eureka! They shout, “Look what I can do!” everybody’s heads turn, high fives fly, and you hear “I knew you could!” and “Way to go!” all over the gym.


We just can’t get enough of seeing kids GET IT. Sometimes it’s even better when they have struggled a while before their faces light up in a big “A-ha!” And the kids are so into it, they forget they’re learning. But they keep coming back for the fun and the energy and the accomplishment that’s a part of Edmond Gymnastics Academy.


EGA is built on a philosophy of high challenge, high support and expectations of excellence.  Don't just take our word for it - come see for yourself.  Championships are won on podiums.  Champions win all day, every day.



EGA athletes have access to excellent facilities and ample equipment for training a gym full of students. Whether it be preschoolers of Level 10 gymnasts, the facility suits all who walk through the door.


Gymnast safety is a priority, with crash pads in all landing areas.  Designated areas for tumbling, recreational classes, and team are dispersed through the gym. There is a sitting area for student schoolwork as well as for parents to be spectators at any practice.


The choice of equipment is tailored to the needs of the gymnasts and levels. The facility is clean and bright!  There is plenty of floor space and it is ALL put to use!

  • In ground trampoline beds

  • 1 set of rings

  • 2 Climbing ropes

  • Horizontal bar

  • Portable tumble track

  • 4 large foam pit areas

  • Vaulting tables and trainers

  • Spring boards

  • Low, medium, and high beams

  • Spring and Rod Floors

  • Tumbling Strips

  • Parallel bars and parallettes

  • Wall bars

  • Uneven bars

  • Trench bar

  • Balance beams

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Pommel horses

  • Mushrooms and bucket

  • Separate training areas for recreational classes

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