Recreational Classes

At EGA, gymnasts will be welcomed in a fun and encouraging environment as they learn and progress through carefully structured activities and hands on instruction. Whether it is your 18 month old daughter, 10 year old son, or yourself, we have a class for everyone! Edmond Gymnastics offers multiple classes, times, and levels to fit the schedule and need of the individual. Enrollment may be done online for convenience or by calling or visiting the gym.

Preschool Aged Children and Younger

Parent - Tot

18 months - 3 years old boys and girls

Our Parent-Tot program is our parent participation program. Through engagement of both parents and children, gymnasts are able to feel safe and encouraged as they progress. This class encourages progression through developmentally appropriate structured activities which include coordination, balance, body awareness, and exposure to basic gymnastics skills. Our Parent Tot program is a stepping stone to help familiarize gymnasts with class structure, the gym environment, and skills before progressing to preschool classes.


3 year old & 4 year old boys and girls

Our Preschool Program invites gymnasts to participate in a fun structured class independent from their parents. Children learn to be part of a group and follow instructions through developmentally appropriate structured lessons. These concepts are developed alongside physical strength, motor skills, coordination, and basic gymnastics skills. Our preschoolers spend their time jumping, climbing, and crawling through all four events as well as trampolines and foam pits. 

School Aged Girls

Level 1

Girls 5 years and older

Whether your child just turned 5 or is beginning gymnastics for the first time, Level 1 is a positive introduction to the sport of gymnastics. Gymnasts will be taught basic gymnastics skills through drills and hands on instruction in order to build a strong foundation for later skills. Gymnasts will participate in all 4 events as well as trampoline while building their motor skills, strength, spacial and kinesthetic awareness in a positive and encouraging environment.

Level 2

Girls 5 years and older

skills required

Level 2 is the next step in progressing though our Girl's Gymnastics Program. After demonstrating basic understanding, strength, and ability of skills taught in level 1, gymnasts are encouraged to move a more advanced class. Gymnasts will be challenged  as they learn new skills. through proper progressions, hands on instruction, and developmentally appropriate structured lessons, gymnasts are able to be exposed to new skills that will build upon the foundation established in level 1

Level 3

Girls 5 years and older

skills required

Once gymnasts have demonstrated progression and mastery of level 2, gymnasts are invited to Level 3. This class introduces the gymnasts to skills utilized in competition. Through drills, hands on instruction, correct progression, and encouragement, gymnasts will begin more advanced skills on all 4 events as well as demonstrate more skills on their own based on their individual ability.

School Aged Boys

Level 1

Boys 5 years and older

Once boys have turned 5, they enter into our boys program. In Level 1, boys are introduced to all 6 of the Men's events. This is different from our preschool program and offers new and exciting opportunities for learning and growth. Boys build their motor skills, coordination, strength, and gymnastics basics through drills, encouragement, and hands on instruction.

Level 2

Boys 5 years and older

skills required

The next step in the boys program is Level 2. Once boys have demonstrated a strong foundation of basics, they are then invited into Level 2. Boys will further their progression on all 6 events and begin more advanced skills accompanied by drills and hands on instruction. Through out the class, boys will build their coordination, motor skills, strength, terminology, and gymnastics skills while watching and working alongside some of our team boys.


Tumbling 1 (5 years & older)


Introduction to basic tumbling skills needed for a strong foundation in gymnastics, dance, and cheer.

Tumbling 2 / Dance Acro


Geared towards skills that will help athletes progress in crucial skills for gymnastics, dance and cheer. Main focus will be on back handsprings, aerials, front walkovers, and back walkovers.

Tumbling 3

Skills Required

Back handsprings are required for this advanced tumbling class. The perfect class for athletes working on back tucks or more advanced tumbling skills.

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